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About our bottles

Glass breaks and leaks. Plastic doesn't.

We use PLASTIC, not glass any more.

The very first feature of our bottles you will notice, is that it’s made from plastic. Technically, it’s HDPE which is an extremely tough, rigid plastic polymer that (unlike glass) is practically impossible to break and fully recyclable.

Our bottles are blow molded locally in South Africa (not China!). Not only does this support local businesses and employment, but it also ensures a consistant supply of bottles – something we have struggled with in the past due to our large volumes we demanded from our importers.

To track our bottles’ quality, each has a batch number pressed into the base. If we EVER have quality issues, we will just discontinue that batch’s mould. 

Crimped on pumps - not screw on.

For greater reliability, we crimp our pumps onto our bottles. Screw on pumps are sensitive to miss-matches in thread alignment, so we bypass this potential problem completely.

Because we crimp onto plastic, we can apply a greater amount of pressure thereby forcing the pumps permanently onto the bottles. We effectively use “brute force” to over come any possible mismatch.

(Fortunately, our plastic bottles allow for far more pressure than glass bottles because plastic can’t chip or shatter)

This also ensures that no-one can reuse our bottles and put their own, inferior perfume into our bottles.

Three embossed logos on the bottle are proof of an original.

Embossed logos on our bottles guarantee that you have got an original Fine Fragrance Collection Generic designer perfume. Many unscrupulous companies have copied our brand, logo, bottles and stands in an effort to trick you into buying their products based on the trust built by us over the past decade.

You cannot get these bottles “off the shelf”, so do not assume that all generic perfumes in plastic bottles are now Fine Fragrance Collection products. They are not.

There are resellers who legally purchase from us and then re-sell through their own sales channels, but our products they distribute will always have our logo embossed into the bottle. Anything else is a copy fragrance trying to trick you.

Amazingly, plastic is also more compact

Plastic allows for much thinner walls and a more consistant shape. This adds up to a smaller external size while keeping the same internal volume of 30ml. (In fact, the internal volume is closer to 33ml because we don’t include the rounded “shoulder” in our measurements.)

Watch our video where Neria demonstrates the internal volume. It’s hard to believe they hold the same liquid untill you see it with your own eyes.