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Please Note : Price Increase 1 June 2017 50ml R159.99 – 30ml R119.99

A Fine Fragrance is a gift from the gods

Fragrance. A delicate word. Mysterious. Exciting. Promising. It stirs emotions, memories. The first, tantalizing scent of the sea. The chalk and wood of a schoolroom. The timeless mystique of paper and leather of a library. Mother’s baking. Father’s cigar. The tantalising morning aroma of percolating coffee. The deliciously decadent ambience of a party in full swing. whiteflower-3 Fragrance. Timeless. Elusive. It’s the life-affirming freshness of a new baby. The promise of loyalty of a beloved pet. It swells your soul as you clasp a child to your chest with pride. It’s a whiff of tobacco that recalls granddad’s warmth. A gentle reminder of a mother’s inner strength. A starlit night heavy with the scents of spring.  It’s the sudden fleeting presence of a forgotten love.  Fragrance is also a woman’s secret weapon. It’s a man’s statement of who he is. Created with infinite and pains taking trial and error, scientific research and illogical intuition, the world’s greatest fragrances become unique the moment they touch your skin, blending subtly with your own distinctive essences.  Whatever your chosen fragrance, it’s your own, indefinable perfume, your personal aura!