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We offer our customers both the original and smell-alike versions of over 200 fine fragrances.

Our “Inspired by” smell-alike perfumes are the best quality generic type fine fragrances available and offer the best value for money on the market.  Because of this you the consumer can buy with confidence, knowing that all our “Inspired by” smell-alike fragrances will last 30% longer on your skin and that the smell is a perfect match to the original. We have two simple rules for our smell-alike fine fragrances:

  1. If it doesn’t smell the same as the original – we won’t sell it!
  2. If it doesn’t last longer than the original – we won’t sell it!

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Code Fragrance Name Original Fragrance Inspired by 50ml Inspired by 30ml
FF1010 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden R575.00 – 125ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1040 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera R1510.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1050 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera R1495.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF9010 Acqua Di Parma by Parma Colonia R2445.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1070 Alien by Thierry Mugler R740.00 – 30ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1080 Allure by Chanel R2970.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1090 Amarige by Givenchy R1680.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1100 Amor Amor by Cacharel R1060.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1110 Anais Anais by Cacharel R1075.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1120 Angel by Thierry Mugler R1105.00 – 25ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1140 Ange Ou Demon by Givenchy R1700.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1150 Aromatics Elixir by Clinique R1665.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1160 Be Delicious by DKNY R1250.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1170 Beautiful by Estee Lauder R1365.00 – 75ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1175 Beauty by Calvin Klein R1495.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1180 Beyond Rose by Clinique R1695.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1200 Black XS by Paco Rabanne R1275.00 – 80ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1205 Black XS L'Aphrodisiaque by Paco Rabanne R1795.00 – 80ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1210 Black Orchid by Tom Ford R3235.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1215 Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent R1275.00 – 50ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1216 Bloom by Givenchy R1395.00 – 50ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1220 Boss Femme R1295.00 – 75ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1225 Boss Nuit R1495.00 – 50ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1230 Burberry Brit by Burberry R1000.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1250 Bvlgari Omnia by Bvlgari R1275.00 – 65ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1260 Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera R1105.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1270 Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan R1560.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1280 Chance by Chanel R2310.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1290 Chanel No.5 by Chanel R4450.00 – 30ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1300 Chloe by Narcisse R780.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1305 Cinnabar by Estee Lauder R1095.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF9030 CK One by Calvin Klein R925.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1310 CK One Shock by Calvin Klein R1295.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1330 Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel R2310.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1340 Coco Noir by Chanel R2315.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1350 Collection by Escada R2315.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1370 Cool Water Woman by Davidoff R1275.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1380 Curious by Britney Spears R515.00 – 30ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1390 Dahlia Noir by Givenchy R1295.00 – 75ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1400 Daisy by Marc Jacobs R1665.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1410 Dare by Guess R795.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1460 DKNY by Donna Karan R1225.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2030 DKNY Pure by Donna Karan R1080.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1465 DKNY MYNY by Donna Karan R1395.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1470 Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme R1850.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1480 Dune by Christian Dior R1945.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1490 Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger R1385.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1500 Elie Saab La Parfum R2095.00 – 90ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1510 Elixir Des Marveilles by Hermes R2995.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1520 Eternity by Calvin Klein R1695.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1550 Euphoria by Calvin Klein R1675.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1560 Fame by Lady Gaga R770.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1570 Fantasy by Britney Spears R645.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1580 Fendi by Fendi R1190.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1585 Flora by Gucci R1595.00 – 50ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1590 Flower by Kenzo R1550.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1600 Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf R1950.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1610 Fuel for Life by Diesel R1400.00 – 75ml R159.99  R119.99
FF9040 Gaultier 2 by Jean Paul Gaultier R1395.00 – 120ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1620 Ghost by Ghost R1950.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1640 Gold by Guess R6995.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1650 Good Girl by Carolina Herrera R1330.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1660 Guilty By Gucci R1245.00 – 75ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1665 Guilty Black By Gucci R1650.00 – 75ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1670 Happy by Clinique R1945.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1680 Heat by Beyonce R695.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1700 Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss R1650.00 – 90ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1705 Hugo Purple by Hugo Boss R1295.00 – 90ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1710 Hugo Women by Hugo Boss R1150.00 – 75ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1720 Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior R2465.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1740 J'adore by Christian Dior R2458.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1750 Jean Paul Gaultier Classic R1495.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1760 Jimmy Choo EDT R1555.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1770 Jour D'Hermes by Hermes R2995.00 – 80ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1780 Knowing by Estee Lauder R1395.00 – 75ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1790 Lacoste Pour Femme by Lacoste R1220.00 – 90ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1810 L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake R1725.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1820 Lady Million by Paco Rabanne R1450.00 – 80ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1825 La Vie Est Belle by Lancome R1499.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1830 Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana R1895.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1840 Lover Dose by Diesel R1095.00 – 75ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1850 Modern Muse by Estee Lauder R1895.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF1880 Narciso Rodriguez For Her R1795.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1890 Olympea by Paco Rabanne  R1495.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1900 Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari R1415.00 – 65ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1910 Opium by Yves Saint Laurent R1785.00 – 90ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1920 Organza by Givenchy R1365.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1930 Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj R1295.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1970 Pleasures by Estee Lauder R1295.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1980 Pleats Please by Issey Miyake R1195.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1985 Poeme by Lancome R1695.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF1990 Poison by Dior R2315.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2010 Prada Candy by Prada R1795.00 – 80ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2020 Provocative by Elizabeth Arden R1295.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2040 Pure Poison by Christian Dior R2495.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2045 Radiance by Britney Spears R695.00 – 50ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2050 Red Door by Elizabeth Arden R685.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2060 Roberto Cavalli Acqua R1295.00 – 75ml R159.99  R119.99
FF2070 Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari R2795.00 – 100ml R159.99  R119.99
FF2080 Rogue by Rihanna R1495.00 – 125ml R159.99  R119.99
FF2100 Rush by Gucci R1495.00 -75ml R159.99  R119.99
FF2110 S by Shakira R695.00 – 80ml R159.99  R119.99
FF2140 Si by Giorgio Armani R1940.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2150 Someday by Justin Bieber R1995.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2170 Still by Jenifer Lopez R770.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2200 The One by Dolce & Gabbana R1705.00 – 80ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2210 Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger R995.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2220 Touch of Pink by Lacoste R1120.00 – 90ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2240 Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne R1120.00 – 85ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2245 Versace Eros by Versace R1895.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2250 Very Irresistible by Givenchy R1305.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2260 White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor R689.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2270 White Linen by Estee Lauder R1075.00 – 60ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2310 Womanity by Thierry Mugler R1295.00 – 100ml R159.99 R119.99
FF2280 Youth Dew by Estee Lauder R905.00 – 67ml R159.99 R119.99

Disclaimer: Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. The “Inspired by” fragrances from Fine Fragrance Collection have no affiliation with the original manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances is created through chemical analysis and reproduction, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturer’s/designer’s name and/or trademark. We do not represent our “Inspired by” fragrances to be original designer fragrances. Any references to the original brand names by our “Inspired by” fragrance range are made strictly for comparison. We simply ask the consumer to compare the price, style, and quality of the original designer fragrances to the “Inspired by” fragrances from Fine Fragrance Collection.