FF1340G3 is the generic of Chanel’s Coco Noir

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Captured in a modern frosted glass bottle FF1340G3 is the generic of Chanel’s Coco Noir.

It is a great nocturnal Baroque and another journey in the wake of a Gabrielle who fully embraced the dazzle of black and Venice, incorporating them not only into her creations but into her life. Top notes: grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot. Heart: rose, narcissus, rose geranium leaf and jasmine. The base notes include Tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and white musk frankincense.

Caution:  The Fine Fragrance Collection generics have a higher concentration of perfume oil compared to the original designer perfumes. Please use them sparingly until you establish what’s right for you.

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