FF1840G3 is inspired by Diesel’s Loverdose 30ml Bottle

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A perfect match to the original!

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Captured in a modern frosted glass bottle FF1840G3 is inspired by Diesel’s Loverdose.

It allegedly possesses molecules that stimulate hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for attraction and lust. The very composition is floral – spicy, opening with star anise and mandarin. Sambac jasmine, liquorice and gardenia petals form the core of the composition, placed on an oriental base of amber, vanilla and woody notes. It is announced as a “beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction”, made to “ignite passions like never before”.

Caution:  Because the “Inspired by” perfumes from Fine Fragrance Collection have more  perfume oil concentrate, compared to the originals, please use them sparingly initially, until you establish what’s right for you. 

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