FF6040G is inspired by Chanel’s Allure Extreme 50ml Bottle

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A perfect match to the original!

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Captured in a modern frosted glass bottle FF6040G is inspired by Chanel’s Allure Extreme.

It is a combination of musky shades, tart spices, aromatic freshness and masculine, woody accords. Sicilian mandarin, mint, cypress and clary sage are in charge of cold, herbal refreshment. The tart note of the fragrance is provided by a fine dose of black pepper, and the woody masculine accords consist of cedar and sandalwood from New Caledonia, shaped and softened by sensual musk and warm Tonka beans.

Caution:  Because the “Inspired by” perfumes from Fine Fragrance Collection have more perfume oil concentrate, compared to the originals, please use them sparingly initially, until you establish what’s right for you.