We get asked time and time again why our smell-alike fine fragrances are so cheap. Rather than try and answer the question ourselves we thought we would publish an article that appeared in a French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur with two of the world’s most renowned perfumers, backed up by articles published in the Los Angeles Times and on AOL.com and the dailymail.co.uk websites.

The question is: “What does it really cost to make a $100 bottle of designer perfume?”

The breakdown of the costs for a $100 bottle of designer perfume, according to the dailyfinance.com website, are as follows:
  • Bottle $6
  • Packaging $4
  • Marketing $8
  • Sales Commission $6
  • Licensing Fee $4
  • Manufacturers Overhead $15
  • Manufacturers Profit $15
  • Retailer’s Margin $40
  • Perfume $2
The cost of the liquid inside the bottle is backed up by an article that appeared in a French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur with two of the world’s most renowned perfumers Dominique Ropion* and Anne Flipo* where it says that the value of the fragrance concentrate in a €100 bottle of perfume is between €1 – €1.50. As with all things in life there are people that are prepared to pay for the “real thing” but obviously the question we must ask the next time we stand at a perfume counter in one of the big departmental stores is “Do I really want to pay a R1000 for a bottle of perfume of which only 2% or R20 is for the liquid inside?” We do however, understand that a bottle of perfume is not just about one thing but rather a combination of sensory experiences starting with a beautiful and enduring fragrance and ending with the luxurious beauty of the bottle. It is for this reason that all smell-alike fine fragrances sold by the Fine Fragrance Collection are captured in a modern, frosted glass bottle, presented in a beautiful hand crafted gift tube and are dosed at a much higher concentration levels than that of the originals. This allows you, the consumer, an opportunity to buy a fine fragrance that will last up to 30% longer than the original, at an affordable price whilst still enjoying all the sensory benefits of owning a beautiful bottle of perfume. So the real question is not “Why are our smell-alike fine fragrances so cheap?” it is “Why are the original designer perfumes so expensive?”   Hope this offers some food… sorry smell for thought! Links The Price of Luxury Perfume $150 for $1.50 Worth of Perfume – Los Angeles Times Celebrity Perfume Cost Breakdown – AOL.com The Truth About the Scent Industry – Daily Mail The Cost to Make a Smartphone Compared to a Fragrance – Go Business *Dominque Ropion and Anne Flipo are responsible for some of our modern day fine fragrance classics such as:
  • Givenchy’s Amarige
  • Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million
  • Ralph Lauren’s Safari
  • Givenchy’s Ysatis
  • Paco Rabanne’s Invictus
  • Thierry Mugler’s Alien
  • Cacharel’s Amor Amor
And many others. For more information on them please visit: Now Smell This